Company Culture

On the one hand, the company adheres to the important supervisory and guiding role of party organizations in private enterprises, strengthens the education of party members in taking the lead and promoting the ideological advancement of the masses, and gradually cultivates party activists in order to improve corporate integrity and promote good traditions. The company has continuously enhanced the training of highly educated talents, adhered to the production of a first-line training mechanism, and used the construction site and work posts as the main classroom for training and re-education of “college students”, forging a combination of theory and practice with excellent technical skills.
On the other hand the team’s consciousness makes it pay special attention to the improvement of the personal technical quality of the workers. Through continuous training of individual units, it gradually forms a stable team of workers and technicians, thus further enhancing the core competitiveness of the enterprise and enhancing the enterprise brand.

Technical discussion with workers on site

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